United Arab Emirates


Point Information
Country Name United Arab Emirates
Short Name United Arab Emirates
Capital Abu Dhabi
Largest city Dubai
Official languages Arabic
National Languages Gulf Arabic
Religion Islam
Demonym(s) Emirati
Government Federal elective constitutional monarchy
President Khalifa Bin Zayed Al Nahyan
Vice President Mohammed Bin Rashid Al Maktoum
House Speaker Saqr Ghobash
Chief Justice Zaki bin Azmi
Total Area 83,600 km2 (32,300 sq mi)
Water (%) Negligible
Total Land Area (%) 83,600 km2 (32,300 sq mi)
Population 9,890,400 (2020 estimate)
GDP (PPP) US$987.456 billion (2020 estimate)
GDP (Nominal) US$432.612 billion (2018 estimate)
Currency UAE dirham (AED)
Time zone UTC+04:00 (United Arab Emirates Standard Time)
Date Format dd/mm/yyyy
Mains Electricity 220 V – 50 Hz
Driving side Right
Calling code +971
ISO 3166 code AE
Internet TLD   .ae


Political Parties none; political parties are banned
Independence Day 2 December 1971
Tallest Building Burj Khalifa

Marina 101

Princess Tower

23 Marina

Richest Persons Majid Al Futtaim

Abdulla Al Ghurair

Abdulla Al Futtaim

Hussain Sajwani

Top Website Google.ae










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