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Country Name Republic of Tajikistan
Short Name Tajikistan
Capital Dushanbe
Largest city Dushanbe
Official languages Tajik
National Languages Tajik, Russian
Religion 97.8% Muslims, 1.2% Zoroastrians, 0.7% Christians, 0.3% Atheists and others
Demonym(s) Tajik or Tajikistani
Government Unitary dominant-party presidential constitutional secular republic
President Emomali Rahmon
Vice President  Prime Minister – Kokhir Rasulzoda
House Speaker Rustam Emomali
Chief Justice Shermuhammad Shokhiyon
Total Area 143,100 km2 (55,300 sq mi)
Water (%) 1.8
Total Land Area (%) 140,524  km2
Population 9,537,645 (2020 estimate)
GDP (PPP) $30.547 billion (2018 estimate)
GDP (Nominal) $7.350 billion (2018 estimate)
Currency Somoni (TJS)
Time zone UTC+5 (TJT)
Date format dd.mm.yyyy
Mains Electricity 220 V – 50 Hz
Driving side Right
Calling code +992
ISO 3166 code TJ
Internet TLD .tj
Political Parties
  1.  People’s Democratic Party
  2. Agrarian Party
  3. Party of Economic Reforms
  4.  Communist Party
Independence Day 9 September 1991
Tallest Building Dushanbe Plaza 2

Dushanbe Plaza 1

Residential Tower

Profsoyuz Apartment

Richest Persons Jamshed Abdulov

Yahje Azimov

Khasan Asadullozoda

Abduakhad Ashurov

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