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Country Name Republic of Suriname
Short Name Suriname
Capital Paramaribo
Largest city Paramaribo
Official languages Dutch
National Languages Sranan
Religion  48.4% Christian, 22.3% Hindu, 13.9% Muslim, 1.8% Winti, 0.8% Kejawèn, 2.1% Other (incl. Indigenous Amerindian beliefs, Afro-American beliefs, Jewish, Buddhist, Bahá’í), 7.5% None, 3.2% Not stated
Demonym(s) Surinamese
Government Unitary assembly-independent republic
President Chan Santokhi (VHP)
Vice President Ronnie Brunswijk (ABOP)
House Speaker Marinus Bee
Chief Justice Gloria Karg-Stirling
Total Area 163,821 km2 (63,252 sq mi)
Water (%) 1.1
Total Land Area (%) 162,018 km2
Population 575,990 ( 2018 estimate)
GDP (PPP) $9.044 billion (2019 estimate)
GDP (Nominal) $4.110 billion (2019 estimate)
Currency Surinamese dollar (SRD)
Time zone UTC-3 (SRT)
Date format DD-MM-YYYY


Mains Electricity 127 V – 60 Hz
Driving side Left
Calling code +597
ISO 3166 code SR
Internet TLD .sr
Political Parties
  1.  National Party of Suriname
  2.  Progressive Reform Party
  3. Pertjajah Luhur
  4. Surinamese Labour Party
Independence Day 15 December 1954
Tallest Building Wyndham Garden


Ir. F. Essed Gebouw

Hotel Krasnapolsky

Richest Persons Jennifer Simons

Ramdien Sardjoe

Dési Bouterse

Ashwin Adhin

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