Saint Vincent and the Grenadines


Country NameSaint Vincent and the Grenadines
Short NameSaint Vincent and the Grenadines
Largest cityKingstown
Official languagesEnglish
National LanguagesVincentian Creole
Religion82.1% Christian, 7.5% None, 1.1% Rastafari, 4.6% Others, 4.7% Unspecified
Demonym(s)Saint Vincentian or Vincentian
Vincy (colloquial)
GovernmentUnitary parliamentary constitutional monarchy
President Monarch – Elizabeth II
Vice President Governor-General – Susan Dougan
House SpeakerCarlos James
Chief JusticeJanice Pereira
Total Area389 km2 (150 sq mi)
Water (%)Negligible
Total Land Area (%)389 km2 (150 sq mi)
Population110,211 (2018 estimate)
GDP (PPP)$1.373 billion (2019 estimate)
GDP (Nominal)$864 million (2019 estimate)
CurrencyEast Caribbean dollar (XCD)
Time zoneUTC-4 (AST)
Date formatdd/mm/yyyy
Mains Electricity230 V – 50 Hz
Driving sideleft
Calling code+1 784
ISO 3166 codeVC
Political PartiesDemocratic Republican Party

New Democratic Party

Saint Vincent and the Grenadines Green Party

United Progressive Party

Independence Day27 October 1979
Tallest BuildingFinancial Complex
NIS Building
Richest PersonsGodwin Friday

Arnhim Eustace

Frederick Ballantyne

James Fitz-Allen Mitchell











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