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Country Name Republic of Panama
Short Name Panama
Capital Panama City
Largest city Panama City
Official languages Spanish
National Languages Ngäbere language
Religion 91.5% Christianity —63.2% Roman Catholic —25.0% Protestant
—3.3% Other Christian, 7.6% No religion, 0.9% Other religions
Demonym(s) Panamanian
Government Unitary presidential constitutional republic
President Laurentino Cortizo
Vice President Jose Gabriel Carrizo
House Speaker Marcos Castillero
Chief Justice Graciela Dixon
Total Area 75,417 km(29,119 sq mi)
Water (%) 2.9
Total Land Area (%) 73,229.90 km2
Population 4,176,869 (2018 estimate)
GDP (PPP) $121.749 billion (2020 estimate)
GDP (Nominal) $73.369 billion (2020 estimate)
Currency Balboa (PAB)

United States dollar (USD)

Time zone UTC−5 (EST)
Date format mm/dd/yyyy
Mains Electricity 110 V – 60 Hz
Driving side Right
Calling code +507
ISO 3166 code PA
Internet TLD .pa
Political Parties ·         Democratic Revolutionary Party

·         Democratic Change

·         Panameñista Party

·         Nationalist Republican Liberal

Independence Day November 28, 1821
Tallest Building The Bahia Grand Panama

Vitri Tower
Ocean Two
Star Bay Tower

Richest Persons Stanley Motta
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