Palestine State


Country NameState of Palestine
Short NamePalestine
CapitalProclaimed capital – Jerusalem

Administrative center – Ramallah

Largest cityGaza City
Official languagesArabic
National LanguagesArabic
ReligionIslam is a major religion


GovernmentUnitary semi-presidential republic
PresidentMahmoud Abbas
Vice PresidentPrime Minister – Mohammad Shtayyeh
House SpeakerSalim Zanoun
Chief JusticeAbed Ayyoush
Total Area6,020 km2 (2,320 sq mi)
Water (%)3.5
Total Land Area (%)5,809.3 km2
Population5,051,953 (2020 estimate)
GDP (PPP)$26.479 billion (2018 estimate)
GDP (Nominal)$14.616 billion (2018 estimate)
Currency·         Egyptian pound (EGP)

·         Israeli new shekel (ILS)

·         Jordanian dinar (JOD)

Time zoneUTC+2 (Palestine Standard Time)

Summer (DST)  UTC+3 (Palestine Summer Time)

Date formatdd/mm/yyyy
Mains Electricity210 V – 50 Hz
Driving sideright
Calling code+970
ISO 3166 codePS
Political Parties·         Arab Liberation Front

·         As-Sa’iqa

·         Islamic Jihad Movement in Palestine

·         Palestinian Liberation Front

Independence Day15 November 1988
Tallest BuildingAl Ghifari Tower

Residential Tower I

Al Laqlaq Tower

Al Shorouk Tower

Richest PersonsMunib R. Masri










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