North Macedonia


Country NameRepublic of North Macedonia
Short NameNorth Macedonia
Largest citySkopje
Official languagesMacedonian, Albanian
National LanguagesMacedonian
Religion69.6% Eastern Orthodoxy, 0.4% Roman Catholicism, 0.7% Other Christian, 28.6% Islam, 0.2% Other Religion, 0.5% None
GovernmentUnitary parliamentary republic
PresidentStevo Pendarovski
Vice PresidentPrime Minister – Zoran Zaev
House SpeakerTalat Xhaferi
Chief JusticeAdnan Jashari
Total Area25,713 km2 (9,928 sq mi)
Water (%)1.9
Total Land Area (%)25,224.45 km2
Population2,077,132 (2019 estimate)
GDP (PPP)$33.822 billion (2019 estimate)
GDP (Nominal)$12.383 billion (2019 estimate)
CurrencyMacedonian denar (MKD)
Time zoneUTC+1 (CET)

Summer (DST)  UTC+2 (CEST)

Date (AD)
Mains Electricity230 V – 50 Hz
Driving sideRight
Calling code+389
ISO 3166 codeMK
Internet TLD .mk


Political PartiesSDSM–BESA
Democratic Union for Integration

Alliance for Albanians–Alternative

Independence Day8 September 1991
Tallest BuildingCevahir Towers – Tower D
Cevahir Towers – Tower C
Cevahir Towers – Tower B
Cevahir Towers – Tower A
Richest PersonsJordan Kamchev

Andreja Josifovski

Orce Kamcev











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