North Korea


Point Information
Country Name Democratic People’s Republic of Korea
Short Name North Korea
Capital Pyongyang
Largest city Pyongyang
Official languages Korean
National Languages Korean
Religion State atheism
Demonym(s) North Korean, Korean
Government Unitary one-party republic
President Kim Jong-un
Vice President Choe Ryong-hae
House Speaker Pak Thae-song
Chief Justice Kang Yun-sok
Total Area 120,540 km2 (46,540 sq mi)
Water (%) 0.11
Total Land Area (%) 120,407.40 km2
Population 25,549,604 (2018 estimate)
GDP (PPP) $40 billion (2014 estimate)
GDP (Nominal) $30 billion (2017 estimate)
Currency Korean People’s won (₩) (KPW)
Time zone UTC+9 (Pyongyang Time)
Date format yy, yyyy년 mm월 dd일

yy, yyyy/mm/dd (AD–1911 / AD)

Mains Electricity 110 V – 60 Hz
Driving side Right
Calling code +850
ISO 3166 code KP
Internet TLD .kp
Political Parties Korean Social Democratic Party

Chondoist Chongu Party

One Organizatio

Independence Day 1 March 1919
Tallest Building Ryugyong Hotel

Ryomyong Condominium 1
Ryomyong Condominium 2
Mirae Unha Tower

Richest Persons Cha Chol-ma
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