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Country Name Republic of Mauritius
Short Name Mauritius
Capital Port Louis
Largest city Port Louis
Official languages English
National Languages Mauritian Creole
Religion 48.54% Hinduism, 32.71% Christianity —26.26% Catholicism —6.45% Other Christian, 17.30% Islam, 1.45% Others/None
Demonym(s) Mauritian
Government Unitary parliamentary republic
President Prithvirajsing Roopun
Vice President Prime Minister – Pravind Jugnauth
House Speaker Sooroojdev Phokeer
Chief Justice Asraf Ally Caunhye
Total Area 2,040 km2 (790 sq mi)
Water (%) 0.07
Total Land Area (%) 2,038.57 km2
Population 1,265,475 (2019 estimate)
GDP (PPP) $31.705 billion (2019 estimate)
GDP (Nominal) $14.812 billion (2019 estimate)
Currency Mauritian rupee (MUR)
Time zone UTC+4 (MUT)
Date format dd/mm/yyyy (AD)
Mains Electricity 230 V – 50 Hz
Driving side Left
Calling code +230
ISO 3166 code MU
Internet TLD .mu
Political Parties ·         Militant Socialist Movement (MSM)

·         Labour Party

·         Mauritian Militant Movement (MMM)

·         Mouvement Patriotique de Alan Ganoo

Independence Day 12 March 1968
Tallest Building Bank of Mauritius Building

State Bank Tower

Citadelle Mall

Medcor Building

Richest Persons Michel De Spéville

Hector Espitalier Noel

Arnaud Dalais

Lagesse Family

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