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Country Name Kingdom of Denmark
Short Name Denmark
Capital Copenhagen
Largest city Copenhagen
Official languages Danish
National Languages Danish
Religion Church of Denmark
Demonym(s) Danish, Dane
Government Unitary parliamentary constitutional monarchy
President Monarch – Margrethe II
Vice President Prime Minister – Mette Frederiksen
House Speaker Henrik Dam Kristensen
Chief Justice Thomas Rørdam
Total Area Denmark proper  42,933 km2 (16,577 sq mi)

Entire kingdom  2,220,930 km2 (857,510 sq mi)

Water (%) 5.7
Total Land Area (%) 40,485 km2
Population 5,824,857 Q2 2020 estimate

52,110  Faroe Islands

56,081  Greenland

GDP (PPP) $299 billion (2018 estimate)
GDP (Nominal) $370 billion (2018 estimate)
Currency Danish krone (DKK)
Time zone UTC+1 (CET)

Summer (DST)  UTC+2 (CEST)

Date format dd/mm/yyyy


Mains Electricity 230 V – 50 Hz
Driving side Right
Calling code +45      (Denmark)

+298    (Faroe Islands)

+299    (Greenland)

ISO 3166 code DK
Internet TLD .dk (Denmark)

.fo  (Faroe Islands)

.gl  (Greenland)

Political Parties Social Democrats


Danish People’s Party

Danish Social Liberal Party

Independence Day 5 June 1849
Tallest Building Herlev Hospital

Christiansborg Palace

Copenhagen City Hall

Domus Vista

Richest Persons Anders Holch Povlsen

Niels Peter Louis-Hansen

Kjeld Kirk Kristiansen

Sofie Kirk Kristiansen

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