Cabo Verde


Point Information
Country Name Republic of Cabo Verde
Short Name Cape Verde
Capital Praia
Largest city Praia
Official languages Portuguese
National Languages Cape Verdean Creole
Religion 85.3% Christianity —77.3% Catholicism —8.0% Other Christian, 10.8% No religion, 3.9% Others
Demonym(s) Cape Verdean
Government Unitary semi-presidential republic
President Jorge Carlos Fonseca
Vice President Prime Minister – Ulisses Correia e Silva
House Speaker Jorge Pedro Maurício dos Santos
Chief Justice Maria de Fátima Coronel
Total Area 4,033 km2 (1,557 sq mi)
Water (%) negligible
Total Land Area (%) 4,033 km2 (1,557 sq mi)
Population 543,767 (2018 estimate)
GDP (PPP) $4.323 billion (2019 estimate)
GDP (Nominal) $2.042 billion (2019 estimate)
Currency Cape Verdean escudo (CVE)
Time zone UTC–1 (CVT)

Summer (DST)  UTC–1 (not observed)

Date format dd/mm/yyyy
Mains Electricity 220 V – 50 Hz
Driving side right
Calling code +238
ISO 3166 code CV
Internet TLD .cv
Political Parties African Party for the Independence of Cape Verde

Democratic and Independent Cape Verdean Union

Democratic Convergence Party

Democratic Renewal Party

Independence Day 5 July 1975
Tallest Building Complexo Pacifico

Ouday Skaiky Centre


Gran Torre Costanera

Richest Persons Jorge Carlos Fonseca
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