Point Information
Country Name Republic of Burundi
Short Name Burundi
Capital Gitega (political)

Bujumbura (economic)

Largest city Bujumbura
Official languages Kirundi (national and official), French (official), English (official)
National Languages Kirundi
Religion  91.5% Christianity —65.3% Catholic —26.2% Other Christian, 5.5% Traditional faiths, 2.1% Islam, 0.2% Others/None
Demonym(s) Burundian
Government Unitary dominant-party presidential constitutional republic
President Évariste Ndayishimiye
Vice President Prosper Bazombanza
House Speaker Pascal Nyabenda
Chief Justice François Nkezabahizi
Total Area 27,834 km2 (10,747 sq mi)
Water (%) 10
Total Land Area (%) 25,050 km2
Population 11,865,821 (2020 estimate)
GDP (PPP) $8.380 billion (2019 estimate)
GDP (Nominal) $3.573 billion (2019 estimate)
Currency Burundian franc (FBu) (BIF)
Time zone UTC+2 (CAT)
Date format dd/mm/yyyy
Mains Electricity 220 V – 50 Hz
Driving side right
Calling code +257
ISO 3166 code BI
Internet TLD .bi
Political Parties National Council for the Defense of Democracy

National Council for the Defense of Democracy-Forces for the Defense of Democracy

Front for Democracy in Burundi

Movement for the Rehabilitation of Citizens-Rurenzangemero

Independence Day 1 July 1962
Tallest Building Le Panoramique Hotel by Celexon

Fin Bank Head Office

Richest Persons Mohammed Dewji
Top Website Bcb.bi













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