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Country Name Federative Republic of Brazil
Short Name Brazil
Capital Brasília
Largest city São Paulo
Official languages Portuguese
National Languages Portuguese
Religion 86.8% Christianity —64.6% Roman Catholicism —22.2% Protestantism, 8.0% No religion, 2.0% Spiritism, 3.2% Other religions
Demonym(s) Brazilian
Government Federal presidential constitutional republic
President Jair Bolsonaro
Vice President Hamilton Mourão
House Speaker Rodrigo Maia
Chief Justice Dias Toffoli
Total Area 8,515,767 km2
Water (%) 0.65
Total Land Area (%) 8,460,414 km2
Population 210,147,125
GDP (PPP) $3.596 trillion
GDP (Nominal) $1.893 trillion
Currency Real (R$) (BRL)
Time zone UTC−2 to −5 (BRT)
Date format dd/mm/yyyy (CE)
Mains Electricity 220 V – 60 Hz
Driving side right
Calling code +55
ISO 3166 code BR
Internet TLD .br
Political Parties Movimento Democrático Brasileiro

Partido dos Trabalhadores

Partido da Social Democracia Brasileira


Independence Day 15 November 1889
Tallest Building Yachthouse Residence Club – Tower 1

Yachthouse Residence Club – Tower 2

Infinity Coast

Órion Complex

Richest Persons Joseph Safra

Jorge Paulo Lemann

Eduardo Saverin

Marcel Herrmann Telles

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