List of Australia or Oceanian Countries By population And Area

Australia or Oceanian Countries

Australia, officially known as the Commonwealth of Australia, is a sovereign country comprising the mainland of the Australian continent, the island of Tasmania, and numerous smaller islands. It is the largest country in Oceania and the world’s sixth-largest country by total area.

Australia or Oceanian Countries

(or dependent territory)
Current populationOfficial
Area (km²)
123px Flag of Australia %28converted%29.svg Australia 25,631,82025,581,7007,692,024
220px Flag of Papua New Guinea.svg Papua New Guinea 8,558,8007,744,700462,840
323px Flag of New Zealand.svg New Zealand 4,795,8865,129,400270,467
423px Flag of Fiji.svg Fiji 896,445867,00018,274
523px Flag of the Solomon Islands.svg Solomon Islands 667,044642,00028,896
623px Flag of Vanuatu.svg Vanuatu 304,500277,60012,189
43px Flags of New Caledonia.svg New Caledonia (France) 278,500271,40719,060
23px Flag of French Polynesia.svg French Polynesia (France) 275,918275,9184,167
723px Flag of Samoa.svg Samoa 199,052194,8992,831
 Guam (US) 172,400159,358540
823px Flag of Kiribati.svg Kiribati 120,100113,400811
923px Flag of the Federated States of Micronesia.svg Federated States of Micronesia 103,000102,300702
1023px Flag of Tonga.svg Tonga100,651103,300747
23px Flag of American Samoa.svg American Samoa (US)56,70055,519199
23px Flag of the Northern Mariana Islands.svg Northern Mariana Islands (US)56,20053,883477
1123px Flag of the Marshall Islands.svg Marshall Islands55,50054,900181
1223px Flag of Palau.svg Palau21,00018,000459
23px Flag of the Cook Islands.svg Cook Islands (NZ)18,10015,300240
23px Flag of France.svg Wallis and Futuna (France)11,70011,558274
1323px Flag of Tuvalu.svg Tuvalu10,64011,30026
1423px Flag of Nauru.svg Nauru10,08410,90021
23px Flag of Norfolk Island.svg Norfolk Island (Australia)1,7482,30235
23px Flag of Niue.svg Niue (NZ)1,6111,500260
23px Flag of Tokelau.svg Tokelau (NZ)1,4991,16010
23px Flag of the Pitcairn Islands.svg Pitcairn Islands (UK)50575


Oceanian population by country (top 8).

  •  Australia (59.82%)
  • Papua New Guinea (20.67%)
  • New Zealand (11.51%)
  • Fiji (2.18%)
  • Solomon Islands (1.48%)
  •  Vanuatu (0.70%)
  • New Caledonia (0.69%)
  • French Polynesia (0.69%)
  • Other (2.26%)

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